Aria for an Athlete


Aria dla atlety
reż|dir Filip Bajon | PL | 1979 | 108 min
prod|pro Lechosław Szuttenbach scen|wr Filip Bajon zdj| Jerzy Zieliński muz|mus Zdzisław Szostak mon|ed Janina Niedźwiecka ob|cast Krzysztof Majchrzak, Pola Raksa, Roman Wilhelmi, Bogusz Bilewski, Wojciech Pszoniak dys|dis CRF


The film tells the story of the career of the famous wrestler Góralewicz, who moved to the circus arena from performances in gaudy huts. After reaching the world level, he fought in the rings, and even showed his skills in the opera house. He leads a luxurious life, he has a beautiful wife but he shows a tear in his form. He is a lost wrestler in the world of art. Extremely brave directorial debut of Filip Bajon, realized with a visual and colorful panache.

1979 Gdańsk PFF – Award for Best Debut Director
1980 San Sebastián IFF – Special Mention for Best New Director
1979 Gdańsk PFF – Award for Best Cinematography

Filip Bajon (1947) Writer, television, theatre and film director, screenwriter and academic lecturer. He graduated from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the State Higher School of Television, Film and Theatre in Łódź. He uses a unique, expressive film style, which has already made its debut in Aria for the Athlete, which was very well received. He often places the action of the film in a historical context, at the crossroads of epochs.

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