Beads of One Rosary, The


Paciorki jednego różańca
reż|dir Kazimierz Kutz | PL | 1979 | 106 min
prod|pro Wojciech Karmoliński scen|wr Kazimierz Kutz zdj|ph Wiesław Zdort muz|mus Wojciech Kilar mon|ed Józef Bartczak ob|cast Marta Straszna, Augustyn Halotta, Ewa Wiśniewska, Franciszek Pieczka, Jan Bógdoł dys|dis KADR


An emblematic farewell to the Silesian myth, the last film of the ‘Silesian trilogy’. Forced removal from homes inhabited by multigenerational families into blocks is also a symbolic and real division of the family into smaller, concrete cells. The script was based on the diaries of a retired miners. The cast was composed of both professional actors and amateurs. Old miners' houses are intended to be demolished to make a place for apartments. The Silesian insurgent, a retired miner Habryka with lots of medals for his work, is assigned to a new flat. Some residents of the housing estate have even moved out, stacks of unnecessary things are burning in front of the houses. Habryka wants to stay, take care of the garden and breed rabbits as before. His wife supports him in the decision, but his daughter-in-law and son want to start a new life. 

1980 Karlovy Vary IFF – Special Prize of the Jury
1980 Gdańsk PFF – Golden Lions Award
1981 Figuiera da Foz IFF – Silver Medal
1980 Łagów Lubusz Film Summer – Silver Grape Award for Best Female Performance in a Leading Role
1980 Łagów Lubusz Film Summer – Silver Grape Award for Best Male Performance in a Leading Role

Kazimierz Kutz (1929-2018) He is an outstanding Polish film, television and theatre director, columnist, writer and politician. Graduate of the Directing Department of the State Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź. Representative of the Polish Film School, co-founder of the Polish Filmmakers Association. He was strongly connected with his native Silesia, to which he devoted six films, including Silesian triptych Salt of the Black Earth, Pearl in the Crown and Beads of One Rosary. Winner of numerous Polish and foreign awards, including the special Polish Film Award Orzeł (Eagle) and Platynowe Lwy (Platinum Lions) for his artistic achievements.

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1979 Paciorki jednego różańca|The Beads of One Rosary
1971 Perła w koronie|Pearl in the Crown
1969 Sól ziemi czarnej|Salt of The Black Earth
1966 Ktokolwiek wie|Whoever May Know
1963 Milczenie|Silence
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1960 Nikt nie woła|Nobody’s Calling
1958 Krzyż Walecznych|Cross of Valor

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