Children of Hotel America


Vaikai iš Amerikos viešbučio
reż|dir Raimundas Banionis | SU | 1990 | 88 min
scen|wr Maciej J. Drygas zdj|ph Jonas Tomaševičius muz|mus Faustas Latėnas mon|ed Vanda Survilienė ob|cast Augustas Šavelis, Gabija Jaraminaitė, Jūratė Onaitytė, Jurga Kasčiukaitė, Gediminas Karka dys|dis Lithuanian Film Centre


1972, Hotel ‘America’ in Kaunas. Lithuania is a part of the Soviet Union. A group of hippie friends spend time together in the building of the former hotel. They share a common experiences: codeine high, rock'n'roll music banned by authorities and dreams of a completely different future than the grey reality surrounding. Young people listen illegally to Radio Luxembourg and they desire Western music. But nothing escapes the vigilance of the Committee for State Security and they soon get into serious trouble. 

Raimundas Banionis (1957) Lithuanian director and actor. In 1980 graduated from the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow (VGIK) winning first prize from VGIK for his graduation project, the feature film Greitis mano dievas (Speed is my God). In 1980, he began to work as a director-producer at the Lithuanian Film Studios. His film Vaikai iš “Amerikos” viešbučio (The Children from the Hotel America, 1990) marked the beginning of independent Lithuanian cinema.

2019 Purpurinis rūkas|The Purple Mist
1992 Jazz|Džiazas
1990 Dzieci z Hotelu Ameryka|Vaikai iš „Amerikos” viešbučio|Children from the Hotel America
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