Devi, Prince of the Miniature


Devi, książę miniatury
reż|dir Mariusz Orski | PL | 2018 | 54 min
prod|pro Mirosław Chojecki, Piotr Weychert scen|wr Mariusz Orski zdj|ph Tomasz Malinowski muz|mus Karolina Cicha & Spółka, Jan Kasprzyk mon|ed Tomasz Malinowski, Paweł Witecki dys|dis Kontakt Media


Devi Tuszyński (1915-2002), an outstanding creator of miniatures, was born in a poor Jewish family in Brzeziny near Łódź. He spent his youth in Płock and Łódź. After escaping from the ghetto, where his parents died, he was sent to Paris. He lived and worked in the French capital until the end of his life, becoming a part of the Parisian bohemian community. The miniaturist himself is a guide to his life and work. He emanates with the tranquility of an old master. His main desire was to bring hope and emotion to the people.

Mariusz Orski (1957) Director, set designer, teacher of acting, directing, meditation and attention, art curator. Graduate of Knowledge about Theatre and Directing (PWST), he participated in Jerzy Grotowski's and Teatr Laboratorium's projects. A theatre director in Poland and abroad, showing that art has no limits - such as Witold Gombrowicz's Wedding in New Delhi with Indian actors directed by him. He experiments with the use of theatre as a tool in the process of integration, but also in the process of resocialization. Publicist and translator.

2018 Devi, książę miniatury|Devi, Prince of the Miniature

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