reż|dir Ewa Podgórska | PL | 2018 | 78 min
prod|pro Małgorzata Wabińska scen|wr Ewa Podgórska zdj|ph Marek Kozakiewicz muz|mus Bartłomiej Tyciński, DJ Lenar mon|ed Piasek&Wójcik dys|dis Entertain Pictures


Diagnosis is a journey into the depths of subconscious of a city formed by human beings. The inhabitants of this city undergo the sessions on the couch. Unlocked by formally trivial questions, they begin their journey into the depths of their own feelings and emotions towards the place where they live. The city itself becomes only a starting point and, over time, conversations get more and more intimate. The scenes from life, reminiscences and highly emotional moments interlace with the subjectively perceived shots of the city. They are blending together, complementing and interacting with each other. The fears of the film characters, their desires and unfinished affairs become the narrative axis of the film by constituting a common fate.

Ewa Podgórska – She has graduated from the National Film School in Łódź (PWSFTviT) as well as University of Łódź majoring in film theory and journalism (MA Degree). She has also graduated from DOK PRO, a documentary program at Wajda School. Her short film, Love, was released on DVD with the best school films. Her debut, The Chicken and the Egg, 26 min. doc. about difficult mother - daughter relationships had its world premiere on Festival Film de Femmes in Paris. In 2017 she finished her mid-length documentary Sailing in the Dark about blind sailors. Her documentary Diagnosis (2018) was presented at several international film festivals. She is passionate about psychology.

2018 Diagnosis
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