Far. The Story of a Journey Around the World


Weit. Die Geschichte von einem Weg um die Welt
reż|dir Gwendolin Weisser, Patrick Allgaier | DE | 2017 | 128 min
prod|pro Patrick Allgaier muz|mus Isaac Winter mon|ed Patrick Allgaier ob|cast Patrick Allgaier, Gwendolin Weisser dys|dis Against Gravity


Portrait of an unusual couple and an extraordinary expedition. A trip around the world, almost a hundred thousand kilometers long, which took a couple of filmmakers almost four years. With their backpacks, with a small budget, they hitchhiked from Freiburg to the East and visited many countries such as Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Mongolia, Japan and Mexico. They started in two, came back in three, richer not only by a child, but also by a broad and respectful look at the variety of cultures, homelands, landscapes, tastes and colors.

Gwendolin Weisser (1992) She spent each holidays traveling hitchhiking around Europe. She was associated with the youth film group "Blackwood Films", where she met Patrick Allgaier. During 2012, she was working and saving a money for the trip they started with Patrick in March 2013.

Patrick Allgaier (1983) German independent cinematographer and director. During his first trips to New Zealand, Syria and Africa he discovered the passion of filmmaking. He worked as a freelancer for TV Südbaden and other production companies and television stations. In March 2013, he and his girlfriend Gwen started on a big trip around the world, which they carefully documented.

Gwendolin Weisser, Patrick Allgaier
2017 Daleka podróż za jeden uśmiech|Weit. Die Geschichte von einem Weg um die Welt | Far. The Story of a Journey Around the World

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