#Female Pleasure


#Female Pleasure
reż|dir Barbara Miller | CH, DE | 2018 | 97 min
prod|pro Philip Delaquis scen|wr Barbara Miller zdj|ph Gabriela Betschart, Anne Misselwitz, Akiba Jiro muz|mus Peter Scherer mon|ed Isabelle Meier ob|cast Deborah Feldman, Leyla Hussein, Rokudenashiko, Doris Wagner, Vithika Yadav dys|dis Against Gravity


It's the 21st century. Oppressive approaches to female sexuality take different forms depending on the place in the world, different in developing countries, different in developed. Five unconventional, courageous women, artists and activists remind us that the male and female body is the body of the same species, homo sapiens. They have declared disobedience to the patriarchy, they follow their own path and being example to other women how to tear down the obstacles to independence, subjectivity and freedom of the female body.

Barbara Miller (1970) She holds a first degree in law and an undergraduate degree in film studies, philosophy and psychology from the University of Zurich. As an assistant director and editing assistant she worked on Christian Frei’s documentary War Photographer for two years. Since 2001 she has been a freelance documentary filmmaker. Her most recent film #Female Pleasure (2018) was selected at the Locarno Festival.

2018 Cała przyjemność po stronie kobiet|#Female Pleasure
2012 Forbidden Voices

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