Fuck, it’s Biology


Fuck, it's Biology
reż|dir Veronica Andersson | PL | 2019 | 30 min
prod|pro WSF scen|wr Veronica Andersson zdj|ph Piotr mon|ed Katarzyna Zielińska, Mats Helgesson


A self-documentary portrait of the life of two artists. He is Mariusz Tarkawian, a young Polish drawer. She is Veronica Andersson, a Swedish director and privately Tarkawian’s partner. They are both working on their own projects, at the same time struggling with complex family relations. “You are a super-famous artist, you have had exhibitions all over the world and your parents have never attended any of them.” This statement, said by the director, reveals the intimate dimension of the protagonists’ life simultaneously directing the viewer’s attention towards the way the documentary was made and the mechanism of action for the film medium.

With an eccentric and emotionally aware eye, filmmaker Veronica Andersson dove deep into her relationship with contemporary artist Mariusz Tarkawian and decided to make her first documentary about it. Swedish born Veronica Andersson made Fuck, it's Biology as her diploma film for International BA Studies in Film Directing & Multimedia Art at Warsaw Film School, Poland.

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