Good Morning, Night


Buongiorno, notte
reż|dir Marco Bellocchio | IT | 2003 | 103 min
prod|pro Marco Bellocchio, Sergio Pelone scen|wr Marco Bellocchio, Daniela Ceselli zdj|ph Pasquale Mari muz|mus Riccardo Giagni mon|ed Francesca Calvelli ob|cast Maya Sansa, Luigi Lo Cascio, Roberto Herlitzka, Paolo Briguglia, Pier Giorgio Bellocchio, Giovanni Calcagno dys|dis RAI


1978. The story of the kidnapping and murder of the Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro by terrorists from the Red Brigades, an extreme leftist group shook public opinion. Through Bellocchis’ Good Morning, Night it is shown from the point of view of the group member. A young woman, Chiara engages in the abduction process with full dedication. When the revolutionaries are imprisoned along with the politician in the tiny space of a small apartment, and the country is in chaos, Chiara questions her own choices, deeds and loyalty to the case.

2003 European Film Awards – FIPRESCI Prize
2003 Venice FF – nominated for Golden Lion
2003 Venice FF – Award CinemAvvenire for Best Film,
2004 Italy, David di Donatello Awards – nominated for David for Best Film
2003 Venice FF – Golden Osella Award for Best Screenplay
2004 Italy, David di Donatello Awards – nominated for David for Best Director
2004 Italy, David di Donatello Awards – nominated for David for Best Screenplay
2004 Italy, David di Donatello Awards – nominated for David for Best Actress
2004 Italy, David di Donatello Awards – David for Best Supporting Actor

Marco Bellocchio (1939) He is screenwriter and director. He is author of feature, documentary and short films, both for television and cinema, covering a wide range of genres and themes. Together with Bernardo Bertolucci and Pier Paolo Pasolini, is one of the most important Italian artists. Considered the leading Italian contester, questioning the prevailing ideologies and narratives. Bellocchio’s stories are often based on real events, with his very individual commentary and uncompromising point of view. During over fifty years of creative work, he was awarded numerous prizes.

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