Here and Now


Kan VeAchshav
reż|dir Roman Shumanov | IL | 2018 | 90 min
prod|pro Itai Tamir scen|wr Alexander Plavnik, Roman Shumanov, Maria Pinhasova zdj|ph Ziv Berkovich muz|mus Didi Erez, Georgy Khimoroda mon|ed Maor Keshet, Haim Tabakman ob|cast Vlad Dubinsky, Renat Khassanov, Eduard Khmelnitsky, Ifat London, Mishel Vainberg, Zura Vulkan Kartvelishvily dys|dis Go2Films


The film is about young people who refuse to give in to their circumstances, how they try to change the situation and prove their right to exist, as they are, in any way they can. Four young immigrants have a rap band. They live in a poor neighborhood in a peripheral Israeli town and rap for them is not only the music, it is a chance to be seen and heard. One of them, Andriey have a home crisis – he has to take care about small sister and all the bills, because his father is in hospital. He can’t juggle caring for sister, rehearsing, and working all at once.

Roman Shumunov (1984) He is director and cinematographer, one of the most promising young directors in Israel. Born in Georgia, in 2001 emigrated to Israel on his own, at 17 years of age on a student program. Graduating with honors Cinema and Television studies at Sapir Academic College, in 2008. His shorts films were screened at international film festivals and brought him awards and distinctions. Here and Now (2018), his first fiction feature movie was awarded with First Prize on International Jerusalem Film Festival

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