Inna de Yard – The Soul of Jamaica


Inna de Yard
reż|dir Peter Webber| FR| 2019 | 99 min
prod|pro Laurent Baudens, Laurent Flahault, Yann Legay, Gaël Nouaille scen|wr Peter Webber zdj|ph Jodie Arnoux, Bernard Benant mon|ed Giles Gardner ob|cast Kiddus I, Ken Boothe, Cedric Myton, Winston Mcanuff, Var, Jah9 dys|dis 9th Plan


Inna de Yard is a group of twenty legendary reggae singers who join together to make an exceptional album. They getting back to the sources of their music with an acoustic outdoor recording. Inna de Yard, literally ‘in the yard” means ‘in the backyard’. This is a place where all Jamaican musical trends such as ska, rocksteady, and of course, reggae was born and developed. The terrace of a house perched on the hills of Kingston, in the heart of the exuberant Jamaican nature was ‘The yard’ where two generations of Jamaican musicians met up to record an exceptional album just during a few days.

Peter Webber (1968) British director, editor, producer and writer. He’s making both feature and documentary movies. His feature debut was Girl with Pearl Earring, which gave him two nominations to BAFTA Awards. His documentary subjects are widely ranged – it could be a Wagner music or from Jamaica, crush test dummies or underwater sea life. Inna de Yard was a bow to his favorite music genre from the young years in West London in the 70’s.

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