Me, The Sinner Girl


reż|dir Karolina Porcari | PL | 2018 | 10 min
prod|pro Iron Films scen|wr Karolina Porcari, Michele Innocente zdj|ph Bartosz Świniarski muz|mus Lamberto Probo mon|ed Leszek Starzyński, Natalia Skutnik ob|cast Beatrice Marrazzo, Anita Kravos, Ippolito Chiarello


Lucia is a rebellious eleven-year-old girl who feels stifled by the patriarchal world she lives in. Her father is physically abusive, while her mother remains helpless against his violence. One day before Lucia’s First Communion, the father gives the daughter a severe beating. In the morning, Lucia puts on her white dress. Yet, instead of going to church, she climbs the sea cliff and throws herself into the sea.

Karolina Porcari is an Italian-Polish director, screenwriter and film, television and theatre actress. Born in Warsaw, she grew up in the south of Italy. She graduated from the L. Solski State Higher School of Theatre in Krakow (Acting Department) and Wajda School in Warsaw (Film Directing). In 2017 she debuted as a theatre director with the play „Zła matka/La cattiva madre”, Teatr 3rzecze (award for directing at the TopOFFfestival in Tychy in 2018, the best independent performance of the 2017/2018 season according to the „Teatr” magazine) and as a film director in 2018. In 2018 she also directed „Peccatrice”, short live-action film (Main Competition RIFF in Rome 2018; Best Actress Award at Global India Film Fest 2019; Screenplay Award at Indie Cyprus Film Fest; Special Photogramma d/Oro Award at Messina Film Fest 2019).

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