Once Aurora


En gang Aurora
reż|dir Benjamin Langeland, Stian Servoss | NO | 2018 | 72 min
prod|pro Thorvald Nilsen scen|wr Benjamin Langeland, Stian Servoss zdj|ph Benjamin Langeland, Stian Servoss muz|mus Olav Øyehaug mon|ed Lars Apneseth ob|cast Aurora Aksnes dys|dis CAT&Docs


Youth and show business is an explosive mixture. Aurora Aksnes (1996) is uncompromising, charismatic Norwegian singer and songwriter. She gained popularity all over the world. It was supposed to be different, she dreamed about being an astronaut and a just pure coincidence made music producers discover her talent when she was 16. After exhausting world tour in 2016, most of the cooperating musicians left. Currently, Aurora is facing a second album, which is going to define its future.

2019 Cracow KFF Golden Hejnal for Best Music Documentary

Benjamin Langeland graduated Christiania College in Bergen. Benjamin has directed, shot and edited a number of commercials and music videos. His next step was documentary genre, he was working as the cinematographer and editor on Children Deported, documentary series. In 2016, he directed the documentary Motgangssupporteren (Adversity Fan), for TV 2, his directorial debut as a documentary director. Benjamin grew up in the same small town as Aurora, and known her and her family well.

Stian Servoss (1986) He studied at the Noroff Academy of Film in Bergen. He has shot and edited music videos for several of Norway's biggest artists. Stian also worked as a cinematographer for the docu-series The Fjord Cowboys, the highest rating show in the history of the niche-channel TV 2 Zebra. Once Aurora is Stian's his directorial debut in the documentary film genre.

Benjamin Langeland
2016 Motgangssupporteren|Adversity fan
2018 Była sobie Aurora|En gang Aurora|Once Aurora

Stian Servoss
2018 Była sobie Aurora|En gang Aurora|Once Aurora

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