Pearl in the Crown


Perła w koronie
reż|dir Kazimierz Kutz | PL | 1971 | 111 min
prod|pro Tadeusz Baljon scen|wr Kazimierz Kutz zdj|ph Stanisław Loth muz|mus Wojciech Kilar mon|ed Irena Choryńska ob|cast Łucja Kowolik, Olgierd Łukaszewicz, Jan Englert, Franciszek Pieczka, Jerzy Cnota, Bernard Krawczyk dys|dis KADR


The second in Kutz's ‘Silesian Trilogy’ where the director portrays his homeland with similar tenderness as in the Salt of the Black Earth. A lyrical tale not only about the love of a young couple, but also about the inflexibility of Silesian people. Reading the film from the perspective of the time it was made, one can hear the great significance of human solidarity at the moment of attempting, struggling with a stronger opponent. Early 1930s. The owner of an unprofitable mine intends to close it and flood it with water. Miners are opposed to this solution and in fear of losing their jobs are on occupational strike. The strikers receive support from their families, the priest and the old miners. The situation escalates, miners take a hunger strike, the police intervene. The owner of the mine only gives way when protesters threaten to stay in the mine even when it will be flooded. 

1972 Cannes IFF – nominated to Palm d’Or
1972 Łagów Lubusz Film Summer – Grand Prix Golden Grape
1972 Milan IFF – Golden Globe Award
1972 Panama IFF – Grand Prix
1973 Antwerp European Festival of Young Cinema Film – Mediorama Award
1972 Panama IFF – Award for Best Director
1972 Łagów Lubusz Film Summer – Award for Best Male Performance in a Leading Role

Kazimierz Kutz (1929-2018) He is an outstanding Polish film, television and theatre director, columnist, writer and politician. Graduate of the Directing Department of the State Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź. Representative of the Polish Film School, co-founder of the Polish Filmmakers Association. He was strongly connected with his native Silesia, to which he devoted six films, including Silesian triptych Salt of the Black Earth, Pearl in the Crown and Beads of One Rosary. Winner of numerous Polish and foreign awards, including the special Polish Film Award Orzeł (Eagle) and Platynowe Lwy (Platinum Lions) for his artistic achievements.

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1971 Perła w koronie|Pearl in the Crown
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