People’s Republic of Desire


People's Republic of Desire
reż|dir Hao Wu| CN | 2018 | 95 min
prod|pro Hao Wu zdj|ph Hao Wu muz|mus Michael Tuller mon|ed Hao Wu dys|dis Against Gravity


The digital natives are already of age. Daily interpersonal relations are transferred to the Internet through social media. In China, everything has its own scale. Live streaming has become the most popular online entertainment for hundreds of millions. The film shows young performers entertaining the audience by conducting a live talk-show, singing, dancing. For this they receive gifts from the Chinese rich people and less wealthy fans pay with their attention and the illusion of participating in the community. The biographies of the film's protagonists reflect the paradoxes of modern China and the consequences of internet popularity.

Hao Wu (1972) He is a Chinese-American previously technology executive, now days film director, producer and writer. Wu is also a documentary maker and blogger known as Tian Yi. He takes a raw and human approach to story-telling in an era when culture evolves online. Wu previously held management roles atAlibaba, TripAdvisor and Excite@Home. He is now a fellow at Washington D.C.-based think tank, New America.

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