Polish Missionaries, The


The Polish Missionaries
reż|dir Simon Target | PL, AU | 2018 | 75 min
prod|pro Simon Target zdj|ph Simon Target muz|mus Cezary Skubiszewski, Arvo Pärt mon|ed John Pleffer dys|dis Handheld Features


Sister Dawida and Father Jan have been working for years in Papua New Guinea, where poverty, disease and lack of education hinder the development of the young state. Polish missionaries are a large group of brothers and sisters who, far away from their own country, work with the Guineans to build a new and better world. Although missionaries face many difficulties, faith and sense of humor help them to survive the most difficult moments. Meeting them can change your view of religion. What they do goes far beyond giving out the Bible or baptizing converts.

Simon Target (1962) He is British-Australian filmmaker born in United Kingdom. With his wife Beata Zatorska, author and medical doctor, they split time between their homes in Sydney, Australia, and Karpniki near Jelenia Góra, Poland. Beata and Simon have produced two best-selling books about Poland Rose Petal Jam and Sugared Orange. Simon Target is best known for a series of television documentaries he made for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation which includes King’s School, Flight for Life, The Academy and Rough Justice.

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