System Crasher


reż|dir Nora Fingscheidt | DE | 2019 | 118 min
prod|pro Peter Hartwig, Jakob Weydemann, Jonas Weydemann scen|wr Nora Fingscheidt zdj|ph Yunus Roy Imer muz|mus John Gürtler mon|ed Stephan Bechinger, Julia Kovalenko ob|cast Helena Zengel, Albrecht Schuch, Gabriela Maria Schmeide, Lisa Hagmeister, Melanie Straub, Victoria Trauttmansdorff, Maryam Zaree, Tedros Teclebrhan, Matthias Brenner, Louis von Klipstein dys|dis Aurora


Every child needs unconditional love, and not every child gets it. Bennie's nine years old, and all she wants is to be with her mommy. Unfortunately, her mother, Bianca, is afraid of her own child. The social welfare system is also helpless to Bennie. She is delicate and wild at the same time, she has uncontrolled explosions of anger, she cannot find the right place for herself. Micha, an anger management coach is hired as Bennie's school escort. This gives hope that the situation may change.

2019 Berlin IFF – nominated for Golden Berlin Bear for Best Film
2019 Berlin IFF – Silver Berlin Bear – Alfred Bauer Prize
2019 Berlin IFF – Reader Jury of the "Berliner Morgenpost" Award
2019 Berlin IFF – nominated to Best First Feature Award

Nora Fingscheidt (1983) German director and writer. She studied fiction directing at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg. She was nominated for the German Short Film Award for her second-year film Synkope and participated in Berlinale Talents in 2012. She completed her degree with the documentary Ohne diese Welt which won awards including the Max Ophüls Prize in 2017. Her last feature System Crasher was presented in the Official Competition at the Berlinale 2019.

2019 Błąd systemu|Systemsprenger|System Crasher

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