reż|dir Veit Helmer | DE | 1999 | 101 min
prod|pro Veit Helmer scen|wr Michaela Beck, Veit Helmer, Lyudmila Merdzhanska zdj|ph Emil Christov muz|mus Goran Bregovic, Jürgen Knieper mon|ed Araksi Muhibyan ob|cast Denis Lavant, Chulpan Khamatova, Philippe Clay, Terrence Gillespie, Catalina Murgea, E.J. Callahan, Nikola Rudarov dys|dis Veit Helmer-Filmproduktion


Experimental film, drawing from German expressionism and extensively quoting early 20th-century films. Tuvalu is inspired by Georges Méliès, Jean Vigo, Buster Keaton and Franz Kafka, and the work of Veit Helmer was his great festival success. The sparse dialogues are in the mixture of European languages, the lack of a dialogue path will become the hallmark of this director. Anton and his parents live in a decrepit bathhouse. He deceives a blind father that their business is as successful as it used to be. Anton will have to fight to save the bathhouse from being demolished and the beloved Eve who appeared in his life.

Special screening „Tuvalu” – introduction: Veit Helmer.

1999 Chicago IFF – nominated for Gold Hugo in New Directors Competition European Film 2000 European Film Awards – nominated for European Film Award for European Discovery

Veit Helmer (1977) German writer, director and producer. His films altogether have received more than 180 awards. He shot his first film at the age of 14. He studied film at the Munich Film School HFF. Helmer became known for offbeat short films. His first feature film production Tuvalu had been invited to 62 festivals, including San Sebastian, London, Chicago, Berlin and Karlovy Vary. Besides fiction films, Veit Helmer directed three documentary films. Behind the Couch was awarded several times and aired by BBC and 20 broadcasters from all continents. He holds lectures at film schools in Beirut, Tbilisi, Djakarta, Tashkent and Bogota. The Bra is his latest film which was premiered at the Tokyo IFF.

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1999 Tuvalu

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