Waiter, The


The Waiter
reż|dir Steve Krikris | GR | 2018 | 104 min
prod|pro Steve Krikris scen|wr Steve Krikris zdj|ph Yiorgos Karvelas muz|mus Coti K mon|ed Yiorgos Mavropsaridis, Ioanna Pogiantzi ob|cast Aris Servetalis, Yannis Stankoglou, Alexandros Mavropoulos, Chiara Gensini, Yorgos Glastras, Maria Kallimani, Antonis Myriagosdys|dis TVCO


A neo noir character study. Renos, the professional waiter is a loner. His life is simple and quiet, work-home-hobby. One of the desirable attributes of a waiter is to be meticulous observant and Renos immediately notices the mysterious disappearance of his neighbor, Milan. Renos meets two shady characters who were entangled with Milan, ‘The Blond’ and Tzin and his life falls out of routine. Is he ready for change his life over matters of love and death? Basic on New York City events of the late 1980s, transferred to contemporary Athens. 

Steve Krikris – Director, producer and actor. Born in Washington, live both in USA and Greece. After graduation from San Francisco Art Institute he join a starting production company – Workhorse Productions – producing and creating MTV promos, Fashion videos, as well as Tv commercials. He has directed over 500 TV commercials. He made short films screened at international festivals. In 2010 launched the International Film Festival of Patmos. The Waiter is his debut film.

2018 Kelner|The Waiter

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