Woodstock. Three Days that Defined a Generation


Woodstock. Three Days that Defined a Generation
reż|dir Barak Goodman, Jamila Ephron | US | 2019 | 106 min
prod|pro Jamila Ephron, Barak Goodman, Mark Samels scen|wr Barak Goodman, Don Kleszy mon|ed Don Kleszy ob|cast Joan Baez, David Crosby, Richie Havens, Jon Jaboolian, Hugh Romney, Joel Rosenman, Stephen Stills, Max Yasgur dys|dis PBS


Why was this three-day festival - thrown together at the last minute by an improbable group of twenty-something impresarios, carried out against the steepest odds - a defining moment for a generation? As the 50th anniversary approaches, Woodstock takes us back stage; on stage; and, most importantly, into the crowd to understand this strange, confounding, exhilarating, and inspiring event. Because Woodstock music festival was both an ending and a beginning. For the Sixties counter-culture movement – that strange amalgam of protest, rebellion, self-indulgence, and idealism – Woodstock was the last gasp, the bow before the curtain rang down. But for tens of thousands of men and women, boys and girls, who attended the festival, it was a transformative experience, the start of a new way of thinking and being that for many would last a lifetime. Film was premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.

Barak Goodman – One of the most prolific and acclaimed non-fiction filmmakers in America with over twenty years of experience and over thirty films. Bracketed by the Academy-Award nominated Scottsboro: An American Tragedy (2000) and the Emmy nominated Sundance hit Oklahoma City, Goodman’s films have explored the greatness, turbulence, and moral complexity of American life. After Woodstock. Three Days that Defined a Generation (2019) commemorating the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, Goodman is currently working on film exploring the disastrous impact of gerrymandering on the democratic process.

Jamila Ephron – American producer and director, a Seattle native and Sarah Lawrence College graduate. She is known as a co-director of theatrical documentary, Far from the Tree, based on Andrew Solomon's best-selling book. Her newest documentary is very good acclaimed Woodstock. Three Days that Defined a Generation.

Barak Goodman
2019 Woodstock: Narodziny pokolenia|Woodstock. Three Days that Defined a Generation
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Jamila Ephron
2019 Woodstock: Narodziny pokolenia|Woodstock. Three Days that Defined a Generation
2017 Far from the Tree

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