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Silêncio – Vozes de Lisboa
reż|dir Celine Coste Carlisle, Judit Kalmár | PT, HU | 2020 | 86 min
prod|pro Charneca Bubble, Céline Coste Carlisle, Judit Kalmár scen|wr Céline Coste Carlisle zdj|ph Gábor Halász mon|ed Mari Miklós, Paula Miranda, Györgyi Rétfalvi ob|cast Ivone Días, Marta Miranda dys|dis Auditorium Films


We are walking around Lisbon following the footsteps of the film’s co-director Céline, a local foreigner living in Portugal for twenty years. We look at the processes of change, primarily the gentrification of neighborhoods or street quarters that force residents to leave their homes. The lens through which directors direct our gaze is the most Portuguese music – fado. Two artists from different generations – Marta Miranda, who works in world music, and Ivone Días, who only fulfilled her dream of singing fado when she retired – share a common musical language and a desire to preserve a multi-generational culture and community.

Celine Coste Carlisle (1970), a graduate in art and media from ESAV in Geneva. As part of her academic practice, she began experimenting with cinema and video art. She was part of the staff of the Geneva Opera, where she worked with legendary scenic and lighting designers such as Hiroshi Teshigahara, Pier Luigi Pizzi and Wolfgang Göbbel. In 1999, she moved to Portugal and her project of collecting and photographing collages made of plastic thrown by the wave on Guincho beach won recognition from the Tribune De Genève art section. In 2018 she participated in the exhibition "Triple Grace" at Lisbon's Pálacio da Independência, where she presented her latest works inspired by the making of the documentary "Silêncio - Voices of Lisbon".

Judit Kalmár is Hungarian economist, journalist, reporter, producer and director. She has started her career as editor and reporter, and worked at different Radio and TV Stations in Hungary for more than a decade. She worked in various news departments and provided short feature documentaries for the National Television. She started her independent filmmaking career by establishing Codebar Productions, a production company, where she self-produces web-based short films for companies and non-profits, and has also started making documentaries with the contribution of a professional team. Her interest has always been finding the fine bridge between the rational and emotional, culture and community.

Celine Coste Carlisle
2020 Silêncio – głosy Lizbony|Silêncio – Vozes de Lisboa|Silêncio – Voices of Lisbon

Judit Kalmár
2020 Silêncio – głosy Lizbony|Silêncio – Vozes de Lisboa|Silêncio – Voices of Lisbon
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