The Crazy Stranger

© Gadjo dilo, dir Tony Gatlif, dis Pyramide International

Gadjo dilo
reż|dir Tony Gatlif | FR, RO | 1997 | 102 min
prod|pro Tony Gatlif scen|wr Tony Gatlif, Kits Hilaire, Maigne Jaques zdj|ph Éric Guichard muz|mus Tony Gatlif mon|ed Pauline Dairou ob|cast Romain Duris, Rona Hartner, Izidor Serban, Ovidiu Balan dys|dis Pyramide International


The dying father of Stéphane, a young Frenchman from Paris, listened to Nora Luca’s voice before he died. Stéphane wants to meet the singer who is so important to his father, and in search of her he travels to Romania. He doesn’t expect to find much more than a voice, played from a cassette. Wandering along empty, frozen roads, he meets Isidore, who takes him to his village. The initial distrust between Stéphane and the Roma community turns into sympathy and after a few months of living among the Roma and waiting to meet Nora Luca the boy and Sabina fall in love with each other. Romain Duris and Rona Hartner (Stéphane and Sabina) are the only pair of professional actors in the movie.

1997 Locarno IFF – Silver Leopard
1997 Locarno IFF – Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
1999 César Awards – Award for Best Music
1997 Locarno IFF – Special Prize
1999 César Awards – nominated for Award for the Most Promising Actress
1999 César Awards – nominated for Award for the Most Promising Actor

Tony Gatlif (1948) French director, screenwriter and music maker. Born as Michel Dahmani in Algiers, than emigrated to France after Algerian independence. He started out as an actor and soon found himself on the other side of the camera. An original, transnational European filmmaker who is constantly on the move, always looking for new images and sounds to transform into films. Tony Gatlif's films are often linked to issues of deterritorialization and migration, and address multiple representations of the Other. He is seen by many as the voice of the Roma communities in Europe. Gatlif has received numerous awards and accolades at international film festivals, including Best Director at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival for "Exiles".

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